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27th August 2014 by haydz

The decision has been made by Hancock Forestry Management, that storm damage in the Big Mumma Block is too extensive for the remaining trees to be left standing without creating an even more unsafe area.   Despite our negotiating to the contrary, we were not able to change that decision.  We completely understand and anyone who has seen the damage would find it hard to attest otherwise.  

The trails affected are the Big Mumma Trail, Ho Chi Min and Lil Mumma (AKA To Carpark Hard).  The trails will be completely unrecognisable afterwards and we have no immediate plans to rebuild in this area until trees have been replanted and have seen a few years of growth.

On a positive note we will be able to rebuild the adjacent sections of Treasure Island and Afterglow Stage 1 very shortly as the harvesting crew will clear those damaged sections for us.  Afterglow will start next Monday and we expect to have that reopen for the following weekend.  

In regards to future development we have been negotiating very exciting new terrain and a long term future with the new land owners Nga Maunga Whakahii o Kaipara for the last 18 months. We expect to make official announcements in the next 6 weeks.  

We would like to acknowledge Laurie “Truck” Cartright for his efforts in initially building the Big Mumma trail back in the early 2000’s when he worked for Bike Parks.  Due to its constant popularity Haydz and the trail crew have tirelessly maintained and improved many parts of the trail and structures over the last 10 years ensuring the trail held up and was fun to ride safely year round.  Additionally we would like to thank Gavin Purdy for assisting the park in gaining local council consents for structures over a meter high, this resulted in Gavin designing and rebuilding a number of the 5X structures located in the Big Mumma block in the mid 2000’s.     

Whilst we are losing a somewhat historical Woodhill Mountain Bike Park trail and one of the first trails in the network we can only suggest that this is a start of a new era for the park and the Mountain Biking community.

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  1. Rod kimble says:

    That sucks jandals bro.

    Keep up the good work, all the best.