Coaching Courses //

All abilities, all skill levels. From learning the basics, dialling in your technical or cornering techniques, getting air time and right through to getting race ready.


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Our Professional Instructors will take your riding to the next level.

All courses are tailored to your requirements, not some generic course.  (We will break those bad habits though)

You can book a 1 on 1 course from $120 (2 hours) or get ya mates together for a group session. From $80-100 per person for 2 hours (depending on group size)

What do we teach?   Here is a rough idea of what we can offer.


The Ground Work

Bike Set Up / Rider Positioning / Pumping / Manuals (handier than you think) / Cornering / Picking a ride line

To learn the techniques as effectively as possible we have some basic bike guidelines.  We can supply a suitable bike to learn on if you don't have one suitable for an extra $30.

- No "DH" or "Big" bikes: Trail bikes, XC or Jump bikes work best depending on what you want to learn.
- NB: XC bikes are not designed for jumping and are dangerous in the wrong hands so if you are looking to learn jumps we may suggest using one of our bikes.


Let's Get Technical

(Trail or Dirt Jump Courses available)

Here is where you get a little more advanced learning and fine tune your style and bike to get the most out of it. Can include jumps if wanted or more detail of The Ground Work components


Advanced MTB courses

The sky is the limit.  Super fine tuning, race coaching, back flips, you name it.  We can even get the video camera out and evaluate your ability. (Extra charges apply)

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