During all man hours at least one Bikeparks Staff member has PREHOSPITAL MEDICAL CARE training to assist with emergencies within the park.

General Safety Recommendations

– Ride within your limits!
– Ride with a friend (or your mum if you have none) if possible
– Always carry a cellphone and trail map with you
– Familiarise yourself with forestry roads marked on the map so you c ..can explain your location to emergency services
– Only ride the trails marked on the map
– Keep a check on your fatigue levels and don’t push too hard when tired, stay hydrated and wear sunscreen
– Don’t ride structures in the rain and beware of slippery roots and trail conditions
– Dial 111 in the event of an emergency

Safety Signage

Caution: 5 to 10 metres before warning rider of upcoming obstacle

1X to 6X shows rider rating of obstacle
1X – Easy
6X – Really, really tricky…honest!

Bypass: Shows rider alternative trail to avoid obstacle.

Trail/Obstacle Maintenance

Every obstacle within the park is formally inspected and documented on a bi-monthly basis. All changes are either carried out immediately or the structure or sections of trail is closed until the changes have been made. Bike Parks Trail Management System is designed to provide the safest possible environment.

Bike Parks Rider Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are found on all registration documentation. They outline the responsibility of the rider and the acceptance of liability concerning the risks that are present when participating in mountain biking within the bike park. All riders are required to sign off (and therefore accept) these terms and conditions when registering to ride in the parks.

Design and Construction of Bike Park Obstacles

There are many obstacles located within the parks. These are strategically situated and are designed for different levels of riders. All structures are built or coordinated/approved by our trail building staff according to designed provided by health and safety and engineering consultants. Only approved materials are utilised ensure durability and safety.