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28th August 2015 by haydz

TRAIL REPORT:  We’ll try get one of these out every Friday and Monday morning to help you all know what trails are affected by the logging crews..
All Trails are Open except for a few trails in the Lightning and Enchanted Forest area.  This includes Upland (as there is no trails open in that small block once you are up there).  
For trails north of Haggis please use Bradley Road.  For Yakuza jump track please go in from bottom and don’t venture too far from the Trail Head.  The trail along the side of the block towards Haggis is still open.
Nearly all of the muddy sections are dry.  And those that are left are all part of mountain biking.. it will only ever be a very small part of anyones ride time.  Conditions today were not far from perfect and this weekend will be similar even with the forecasted light rain.
The Torpedo 7 Black Long Loop has been signed up and reinvented as our longer of the three Black Loops.  It shows some highlights of the very cool new block for those wanting to do 12 – 15km.  Follow the Black Torpedo 7 arrows to and from the carpark for the approximately 15km loop. (It was just finished today so no exact km reading just yet).  It includes the very cool NEW TRAIL Release Valve and the crowd favourite Handle the Jandal so check it out if you want to explore the new trails without having to worry about where you are going.
Auckland Eye Blue Medium Loop remains the same for now as no trails on it are affected.
Nature Valley Green Short Loop has an extra 500m of fresh new trail built by the Trail Crew.  It is all in the Tree Adventures block to save real beginners even having to brave the hill climb at the start..meaning their Woodhill experience is a fun one.  There is also a long loop that includes the big pump track return trail Over and Out.. Total of about 6-7km.
Please bear in mind that ALL of our spare resources are being used to rebuild a whole new Woodhill, the same and better than before. The transition is ahead of schedule but does take time.. Trees don’t just fall down and great trails don’t just pop up.  We are doing our best to ensure that your Woodhill experience is just changed not worsened in any way.
Please follow No Entry signage instructions so we continue to be allowed to coincide safely with the felling operations for as long as possible.
Have a great weekend, we do hope you enjoy your ride.

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