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2nd October 2015 by haydz

TRAIL UPDATE/REPORT Weekend of Saturday October 3rd and Sunday October 4th:
HUUUUGE Week of action on the new trail front … but first the most recent closures due to trees going missing..
The last chutes on SPCA and Boundary Line – down to the stream. 
Spaghetti Stage 6 (the bit with Spaghetti Jetty down to the Old Carpark.
A section of Slipperies Delight (the majority of the trail is still there if you know where to go.) 
We have closed the trails off from just north of the Candy Store jumps (they are still open). Feel free to go bush past the closed tape but trust us there is nothing left in there.. we are doing it for your benefit..

Anyway – Onwards and upwards.  
TOG TOGS UNDIES: We have completed the initial build of our very cool new return trail. Tog Togs Undies starts off No Vacancy and winds around for a wee while before hurtling towards the carpark. It is definitely the long way back down but is riddled with great trail and lovely forest sections. Like all new trails it needs bedding in but is already starting to get some momentum to it. Check it out.
EXPERTS – BLOOD DONOR: We have cut and raked a short chute off the Judgement Call Trail (named Blood Donor after nearly claiming the tip of our Trail Manager Haydn’s finger). It is Grade 4, mostly clay, steep, technical and not for the faint hearted – Experts only please. There is no sign yet so you will have to explore to find it but as soon as the safety signage arrives next week we’ll let you know. Head past the start of Release Valve and up the kind of 4wd track instead of down to 1st Addition. Easily sessionable as it drops back into Judgement Call for an easy loop back to the top. There will be 3 EXPERT ONLY chutes from the same place in the VERY near future.

SKID SITE TWO WAY: If you see any of the trail crew around this weekend give them a pat on the back.. They unloaded what seemed like 100’s of tonnes of sandstone onto a new TWO-WAY trail. The sun yesterday was brutal and todays wind and rain zapped them even more. Massive Massive work effort! The new two way creates a quicker easier link to and from the carpark and the new trails and also keep riders off the very busy forest roads (those who have seen the trucks will know what we are talking about…stay off for your own safety). The lads nearly got there but one more day next week and it’ll be ready to ride. The Hokey Pokey coloured Two Way trail tops up the new trail count to over 30km. All in less than a year!!

Updated Temporary maps (both midweek and weekend available from the website maps page.

Ride your bike this weekend, all trails are running amazing!

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