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21st March 2016 by haydz

Due to our landowners rising occupancy costs the Woodhill Mountain Bike Park is forced to increase the Day Pass price as of the 1st April 2016. While a portion of this latest rise will be passed onto the landowners to cover their price rises, we also need this rise to help fund our continued trail development, which has been entirely funded internally for the last 12 years.
The Day Pass price will increase by $2 for all day passes and our 6 visit concession cards will become $50.
Six month and Twelve month registrations will remain at our current pricing. We will be forced to review them later in the year as another price rise is scheduled from the landowners.
We appreciate all of your support, especially throughout the last 18 months where we have seen a massive transformation of the park. Our trail crew have been working tirelessly in the new area and we are very proud of the awesome new trail network. There is plenty more goodness to come over the coming years and this small price rise will be a big help with the continued development plans we have in place.
Cheers from the entire Woodhill team and we hope to see you at the park again soon.

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