21st July 2021 by Woodhill

Major tree felling operations will commence surrounding the carpark area from the 2nd of August for 3 weeks.

Please take note of the following:

Our midweek opening hours during this time will be:

9am to 5.30pm

Access to the park is not permitted prior to 9am. Traffic control will be in place on the gravel road entering the bike park.

Wednesday closing remains at 9pm.

Weekend hours are not affected (7am to 5.30pm)

The Bike Park will be CLOSED ENTIRELY on the following days, to allow for roadside tree felling:

CLOSED: Monday 9th August

CLOSED: Tuesday 10th August

CLOSED: Monday 16th August

CLOSED: Tuesday 17th August

Trail closures/redirections will be in place, but we will post and update on those closer to the time.

The airfield will be closed until further notice.

All riders will need to stop at the riders entrance and talk to a Staff member, to be briefed about the harvesting operations.

Please adhere to all staff instructions and DO NOT cross any tape/enter closed off areas.

Thank you

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