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Ok…soooooooo here’s the latest.. While the powers that be in the forest, planned to plan for their planning meeting (next week) to get together a plan we realised that by then most of you would be going insane not getting your floooow on… so the damn fine bunch of Woodhill’s paid professional Trail Crew lead by the Operations Manager Haydn Shore and Managing Director Mark Harrowfield went in and sorted that sh*t out! Thanks to Tim Hunter for trying his new chainsaw on our carnage as well.

We spent dusk til dawn identified all the dangers, clearing or realigning what we could and taped off the rest.. and got ourselves a plan of our own (whilst still adhering to the rules of the forest of course). We have a bit more to do tomorrow (with the help of professional tree ninja people) and those that are still keen even if it is pouring… SO WE WILL BE CLOSED SATURDAY… we are however very, very stoked to say we will be OPEN FOR BUSINESS AS USUAL ON SUNDAY…and once you see the remaining carnage and remnants for yourself, you will understand just how much of a win for us that is….

Now’s here’s where you come in. There is still significant dangers out there. We have taped them off with white tape and installed closed signage… We NEED you all to stay out of taped off areas. A: so you don’t die – you aren’t tougher than these hazards and B: so we can prove to the Landowners once again that we have this under control…This is just another curve ball in our business that we believe we have hit right out of the park.. this is what we do! If you choose to cross the tape you undermine all of our work.

If you are coming tomorrow morning to help us clear the non-dangerous debris left after today’s marathon effort (see “shuffling along trails throwing off small bits of tree”) please be on time at 9am SHARP at the bottom gate. We will all drive in to our old carpark and meet the Trail Crew with all the details. Bring yourself and lunch, we will provide free coffee once we all wrap up at 1pm at the proshop.

The areas that are taped off are in the hands of the Forestry Management who knows when they’ll be reopened or what state they will be in, yet we are happy they are taking care of it……. All trails will be open, except the worst hit areas that will blow your minds when you see them:
Big Mumma Block
Treasure Island
Afterglow Stage 1 and 2
Haggis Stage 1 and 2
A short section of the new Boundary Line and the link from Roadrunner to Spag 3.
We have directional signage in place to help with the changes.

See you Sunday

FRIDAY SATURDAY: The park will remain closed until further notice.  We have been able to gain access to some parts of the forest now the roads have been cleared and several parts have been devastated and are very dangerous for people to be in these areas.  We are working hard to get some of the network open for Sunday but the wind is still dangerous and the forecast is for high winds Friday.

THURSDAY: With gusts still reaching Gale Force we will remain closed today.  Our Crew have access to some of the forest so can get the less dangerous debris today and should be able to get in fully and clean up tomorrow. We will do our very best to be open for the weekend. This is the worst storm we have ever had go through the park so please bear with us while we take care of it.

WEDNESDAY: The forest remains closed today and tomorrow until at least is a very dangerous place to be at the moment .. We will need to make a decision tomorrow whether we can open or not once we see how bad the carnage is from this storm..we have the whole Trail Crew ready to go to make sure the park is cleaned up, safe and open for Saturday

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